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A self-confident woman with a free spirit.
With a passion for femininity, Branting demands her design to be comfortable,
yet with a perfect fit, to accentuate her ageless sensual look.
She prides herself to be one of a kind.


Branting Clara-Misan bord sittade
Branting golv overoll
Branting bord overoll
Branting fönster Bella short
Branting bord top - cleo
Branting sittande Klänning
Branting fotölj overoll
Clara-Misan bord
Branting fönster Bella short



When Annette Branting presented her first collection in 2000 she came forward with edgy, playful forms and colours that immediately bound attention.
Since then, the brand has developed into a strong individual female line that sustains surprising variety.

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